General Objects

Filter Objects

Kaltura API

Name Type Description
orderBy string This parameter sets the order criteria by which objects will be retrieved. This parameter should by set according to the following enumeration: KalturaAuditTrailOrderBy.
advancedSearch KalturaSearchItem
idEqual int
createdAtGreaterThanOrEqual int
createdAtLessThanOrEqual int
parsedAtGreaterThanOrEqual int
parsedAtLessThanOrEqual int
statusEqual KalturaAuditTrailStatus
statusIn string
objectTypeEqual KalturaAuditTrailObjectType
objectTypeIn string
objectIdEqual string
objectIdIn string
relatedObjectIdEqual string
relatedObjectIdIn string
relatedObjectTypeEqual KalturaAuditTrailObjectType
relatedObjectTypeIn string
entryIdEqual string
entryIdIn string
masterPartnerIdEqual int
masterPartnerIdIn string
partnerIdEqual int
partnerIdIn string
requestIdEqual string
requestIdIn string
userIdEqual string
userIdIn string
actionEqual KalturaAuditTrailAction
actionIn string
ksEqual string
contextEqual KalturaAuditTrailContext
contextIn string
entryPointEqual string
entryPointIn string
serverNameEqual string
serverNameIn string
ipAddressEqual string
ipAddressIn string
clientTagEqual string